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Our competitors offer some sort of warranty to cover manufacturing defects, but only Pet Stop® offers UltraCare! This exclusive warranty goes above industry standards by offering not only a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, but also protection against accidental damage.


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Limited Lifetime Warranty (Receivers & Transmitters)

Fence-A-Pet will replace a broken or malfunctioning Receiver or Transmitter with a brand new one free of charge for 2 years from the date of purchase.

After 2 years there is a $129 replacement fee which includes tax and shipping costs.

The new replacement component will have a full 2 year manufacturer warranty that begins when you receive it. When that expires the process repeats with the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contact us if you have questions.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty for Lightning Damage & Zapp Alert®

Perimeter® Technologies & Pet Stop® Brand transmitters are covered under this unique “Lifetime” parts guarantee! If lightning strikes and damages your transmitter, simply notify us and we will make arrangements to get you a new one and retrieve the damaged unit (labor charges may apply.)

Zapp Alert® is an audible and visual warning system alerts you if a surge occurs in the transmitter. This feature is a Pet Stop® exclusive that will help protect your pet by letting you know immediately when your system is down.

This warranty does not cover damage to the wire around the yard. Normal repair charges will apply to finding and repairing wire breaks due to lightning.


Perimeter® Technologies & Pet Stop® designed their transmitters to withstand temperature extremes found in most garages and basements, where the transmitter is sometimes installed. Not all pet-fence systems incorporate this important feature. It’s just one more way they go above and beyond to ensure your pet’s safety.

Containment Guarantee

Fence-A-Pet guarantees that our systems will contain your dog(s) assuming (1) they are installed by us, (2) they are operated and maintained as we instruct, and (3) you notify us when any problem occurs so we can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

There are many factors that are out of our control and only you can provide us with the information we need to help you ensure there are no escape issues. We guarantee that the Pet Stop® EcoLite™HO receiver will stop any dog with the right combination of settings or we will refund your full purchase price.

If your dog displays a need for a stronger correction or some other combination of settings than the PCC200 receiver is capable of delivering, Pet Stop will offer you the upgrade option to the EcoLite™HO receiver that will do the job for the most stubborn of dogs.

No matter how old your PCC200 receiver is we will give you full trade-in credit and you pay the $200 difference in price plus $50 for the Diagnostic Charging Base if this will be your first EcoLite receiver.

Regardless of the Pet Stop® system you choose our containment guarantee applies covers any situation.

If you have a Perimeter Technologies® System the following terms apply:

  • Containment Guarantee with Perimeter® Technologies System Only. (If a stronger or extended correction is needed to contain a stubborn dog, that can only be achieved by upgrading to a different receiver collar or a system that provides these options, Pet Stop gives you the option to upgrade to the EcoLite HO system for $250.)

One Year Money Back Guarantee

In order to provide you with a 100% risk free opportunity and put a Hidden Fence to the test with your dog(s) to make sure it is the best solution for containment, we offer you a full One Year Money Back Guarantee giving us the opportunity to prove it to you.

All we ask is that you stay in communication with us when a problem arises and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue.

If we are not able to accomplish this to your satisfaction we will refund 100% of your payment for the system and send a representative to recover the equipment and disable the wire.

If we do not hear from you about any problems or you choose not to allow us to help resolve the issue and then you request a refund, we will evaluate your situation and come up with a resolution that is fair and equitable.

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